Hacks Cheats and Mods Guide is the new game getting very popular day by day. You can gain new features by using cheats. With these features, you can eliminate all rival players and become the strongest animal. Keyboard Controls

  • HOLD LEFT-click (or press SPACEBAR) to RUN in the game.
  • RIGHT-click mouse (or press W) to shoot water.
  • Press ENTER in-game to chat with other online players in
  • HOLD RIGHT-click (or press W) in a lake to dive underwater! And to another side
  • Eat players/food outlined with LIGHT-GREEN! Color

Want To Use Cheats? Know How

Though is a great game like any other game, it also has some glitches and cheats that you can try out for surviving in the game. Games like are about balance. The game is solely based on Ecosystems and the food chain and in case of abundance of food and Ecosystem can be disrupted as well. Some animal characters in the game are controlled by the bot. cheats All Animals Lists Details Levels

There is a new game on the io games list it’s called animals are the playable characters in If you cross the minimum label then the game will allow you for the next run, to begin with additional experience which can be use during game-play. The current final animal is a dragon. Nobody knows what’s after the dragon. also has berry bushes and water spots that you can collect water and berries from. The animals are like mouse, rabbit, pig, fox, lion, cheetah, crocodile, and dragon Levels. There is one level in game only animals.

The game-play of can be dissimilar from other preceding io games a bit since it offers adorable animal characters which everybody loves make you will take on a role of in the game. is an online Multiplayer game; you will surely come across plenty of expert players all over the world and like playing this game with them. If you feel that you would like to win in the game a little more easily, then you must try out the various cheats codes to win the game. Mods
  • Zoom IN/OUT
  • Change Background
  • Rainbow Background
  • Show FPS ON/OFF
  • Auto Heal
  • Auto Aim
  • Faster Speed
  • Auto Food
  • Aimbot Helper
  • Adblock Plus+
Size: 300 KB
Version: 1.2

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