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The Penguin is an animal, which you can find in as Penguin. The Penguin is a pretty powerful animal in the game, which you should surely try out. It can be evolved from a number of animals in the game. The animal also has special abilities, and thus you should try it. Lots of players want to play with the penguin because they love this animal in real life.

The Penguin and Its Special Abilities

In the game of, the Penguin is an animal, which can easily be noticed within an arena, if you know, how exactly a Penguin looks. In the game, you can find the Penguin as a black-colored animal, with a white front portion, and orange-colored lips, like a typical animal. The animal also has black-colored eyes, with small wings or hands, also having the color of black. That is all about the appearance of a Penguin, which you can find in the game of But you should also know the capabilities of a Penguin, to play with the animal efficiently. penguin

Evolution of Penguin

In the multiplayer game of, in order to get access to the Penguin, you should have a minimum of 200 XP, and before that, you should have played the game with a rabbit, an Arctic hare, or any other animal, which belong to land or water. As you start playing the game with a Penguin, you can get evolved into a mole or a squid, after you reach 450 XP. Similar to other small animals in the game, you can also hide in small or large holes, and also in whirlpools. You should always be careful while playing the game with a Penguin, as it can easily fell prey to bigger animals like lions, gorillas, and others. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Sea Horse.

Speed and Extra Characters

As far as the speed of Mopeio Penguin is concerned, it is faster than a number of other land animals, which you can find in the game. The special ability of the Penguin is that you can also move with a pretty good speed, underwater. But when you find a seal, which is chasing you in the game, you should always be careful, as it has the ability to catch you up, which you should always keep in mind. Other than that, the animal is pretty much faster than other animals, even the big ones.

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