Beta Unblocked beta unblocked beta unblocked is simply a beta version of with more complex features. What makes old different from beta are simply the new features. Even if you are a fan of the old version of the game, you will still enjoy playing the beta. Some players want to play the beta version of the game because there are a lot of new skins and animal types compared to the traditional game.

The Main Goal Of Beta Unblocked

The main goal of beta unblocked is to actually become the strongest and most developed animal and to earn the possible maximum points in the game. Beta game is a kind of game that tries new features. Innovations in this game type are tested and if there are deficiencies, they are adjusted to the original game by updating in the future.

How To Play Beta Game?

In the game, to become the most developed animal in the arena and gain the maximum points, you are required to follow just two rules which are very simple. First, eat other animals. That way, you become bigger, stronger, and more developed. The more animals you eat, the more developed you become. The second rule is to ensure that no other animal in the arena eats you. In other words, you have to do everything you can to avoid being eaten by someone else.

There are animals you can eat and there are those that can eat you. All the animals that you can possibly eat, and should strive to eat, are highlighted with green color. The animals that can eat you are typically highlighted in red. So, to survive easily, try as much as you can to avoid confrontation with any animal that is marked with red. beta unblocked

To fight the animals heightened you will have to fight other animals. Besides eating other animals, there are also many other eatables that you can eat. For instance, you can eat mushrooms, berries, and plankton among other eatables.

Some animals including bees will not be able to attack you if you interfere with the beehive. If you want to fight bees, you need to be very strong for you to be able to attack them.

Every animal in beta unblocked has its own special abilities. For you to be able to fight other animals, eat other animals, survive and become more developed, you need to know the special abilities of each animal. That way, you will definitely perform better. You also need to know the abilities of your enemies and the ability of your animal. This is the only way to perform better since you will know what you can possibly expose your animal to and still survive. Beta Unblocked Controls

When playing beta hacks, you will use the mouse to move your animal. When it is time to dash, you will simply click.

  • Joystick: Move around the joystick on the mobile version.
  • Left-click or Spacebar: When you want to dash or sprint in the game.
  • Double Click: Use your second ability which is related to your animal type.
  • W or Right Click: Use your animal first ability which is related to your animal type.
  • S: Shoot out water for water animals.
  • Enter: When you want to contact with other players, you just need to press Enter to chat with other people.

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