Sabertooth Tiger Guide sabertooth tiger Sabertooth Tiger, another name for which is Smilodon, happens to be the thirteenth animal in the game of It’s the arctic counterpart of the Killer Whale and Hippo. It upgrades from Shark, Wolverine, and Rhino at 250k XP and it upgrades to Blue Whale, Mammoth, or Elephant, at 500k XP.

Some Facts On Sabertooth Tiger Sabertooth Tiger is the 3rd tier capable of going above water spots. It has the ability to slash animals in a couple of places makes it ever more deadly compared to bears as well as Polar Bears. It has a circular form of brown-orange color having three shadowy stripes on its backside. Its tail is characterized by a shady tip. It ears are small with a shady outline and a badge nose. Each side of its nose has a couple of curved fangs.

Strategy Of Mopeio Sabertooth Tigers

On seeing a prey, chase it and hack it using your claws before eating it ahead of it reviving. On it getting into a rock, utilize your ability for knocking it off. Employ your ability for going above water spots in the form of an advantage. Leap and lie in wait for your prey to approach before launching a surprise attack. You could also make an attempt at cornering Wolverines within hills as they are unable to climb them while you are. sabertooth tiger

On being threatened by any predator you as Sabertooth Tiger must hack it before fleeing. Get within a hiding opening till your ability gets recharged. Then, as it approaches, you must tail-bite it before slashing it for returning to the opening. On repeating this process, it’s eventually going to pass away from tail-biting or from the scraping and become meat. You also have the option of using a hill as an alternative to a hiding opening as a result of your ability.

With a single slash capable of slashing up to a couple of animals, your unique double slash is capable of slashing as many as 4 animals. This presents you with an advantage over numerous predators teaming and is capable of eliminating competition with additional Sabertooth Tigers. On there not being numerous animals to consume, there’re trees with coconuts and bananas on the edge of the arctic for you to consume. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Elephant.

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  1. sabertooth tiger is the most powerful land animal in my view but black dragon or t-rex are the king of the game

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