Elephant Guide elephant Elephant happens to be an animal in the game of that has the capacity of knocking animals back by making use of its trunk. It Upgrades from Killer Whale, Hippo, or Sabertooth Tiger at 500K XP. We find out more about this animal is this very interesting game of Today, we are going to describe how do you play when you are Elephant. Elephant Intro

The Elephant upgrades to The Kraken, Dragon, or Yeti at 1M XP. It’s capable of going at the speed of Rhino on mud & water. The Elephant has a gray color, features a general form of a sphere, and is mostly large. Its ears have an oval shape and have a shadier shade of gray, Its trunk points outward, its pair of tusks have a cream color and are comparatively shorter hen weighed against a Mammoth, and its small tail sticks out from the back. It has black eyes that are rounded with conspicuous highlights. elephant

Mopeio Elephant Strategies And Tactics

When you’re the Elephant you should wait within a hiding opening and lie in wait for the victim to approach you before swiping using your trunk. Consume your prey rapidly before they get revived. On you being prepared to take risks, you must attempt waiting within a hiding opening for a Dragon / a Black Dragon. First, Tail-bite it and proceed with the swiping using your trunk. Get your back inside the hiding opening before they get revived. On you not being keen on taking risks, never do it. As an alternative, attempt hunting hippos, due to the fact that they present you with much XP. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Sabertooth Tiger.

Another thing that you can try is diving beneath a rock/hill within a crowded region in the deep and lying in wait for prey to approach become coming out, swiping it using your trunk and eating it fast. Make use of your trunk for getting food from trees and consume mushroom bushes in a single hit.

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