Play Beta Game beta Beta is an improved version of the multiplayer game. It provides additional features that make the entire gaming experience more interesting and fun.

How To Play Beta?

You are supposed to play as an animal and you have to start playing as a tiny animal before you can evolve into a bigger animal and eventually to the strongest in the game. Your main goal of playing Beta is to become the strongest and most developed animal in the ecosystem and obtain the maximum possible points in this IO game.

You will have to follow some very simple rules. First, you have to feed on other animals. Secondly, you have to make sure that you are not eaten up by someone else. Those are the two rules you must follow for you to remain alive, evolve into bigger animals, and earn your points. beta

It’s important that you know what animals you can be able to eat. Besides, you also need to know what animals can eat you. You might be asking how you are supposed to know what animals you can eat. In Beta, the animals you can eat are highlighted with green color. On the other hand, the animals that can eat you, and therefore you must keep away from, are highlighted in red color.

Apart from fighting with the other animals in the ecosystem, you can also eat mushrooms, berries, plankton, and other available eatables. Every animal in the Beta has its own distinctive abilities. You need to know your special abilities for you to know what you can and cannot do. If you know your abilities, you will know whether you can be able to attack the bees and obtain food from the beehive. You will also know what kinds of enemies you can easily attack and kill.


You have to be careful when looking for what to eat because some animals such as bees can counter attack you if you try to get food from the beehive. If you are going to obtain food from the beehive, you need to be strong enough and ready to attach the bees.

For you to prosper in Beta, you need to also know the special abilities of your enemies. That way, you will know the ones your animal can easily and attack and kill, and you will also know what they are capable of doing to you. Many players are searching the internet to find Beta hacks download.

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