Happy New Year Has A Joy Bundled In It happy new year

Play happy new year which can generate your interest in no time. It is an online game that deals with eating and survival.

The game happy new year has given an entertaining time to a lot of people on the internet. The game has a very unique concept in which you are a part of the food chain. In addition, the game is played in a 2D environment where you have to survive to the last moment.

Details About Happy New Year has followed an interesting aspect. You start off as a mouse in the food chain. The point of the game is to eat through and progress in the food chain. While there are players who are your friends and would not eat you, the bigger players see you as prey. You have to protect yourself from them as they can eat you to move ahead in their chain. Also, you can eat berries to move ahead in the food chain. The more you eat, the more you advance in the cycle. happy new year

How To Play

Playing happy new year can give you immense pleasure. The controls are pretty basic. All you need to understand is the philosophy of the game. The game is closer to nature as it talks about food chains. You start of in the bottom and try to make your way through the ranks to the top. The control of your character is done through the mouse. Your movement can be controlled through the mouse. You have to keep in mind that your movement is not obstructed by any object in between. Otherwise, it would resist your growth in the food chain.


The following points can be concluded with the above mentioned information:

  • is a strategic online multiplayer game.
  • You are a part of the food chain in this game.
  • You start off from the bottom of the food chain and progress to reach the top.
  • You have to eat berries in the beginning to progress.
  • Protect yourself from those who are above your level in the food chain.

These points make it clear that happy new year can be a fun game to pass your time with. Enjoy being a part of nature and avoid being prey to others. With happy new year events, you can play with creatures characters.

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