Blue Whale Guide blue whale Blue Whale happens to be the fourteenth animal in the game of It’s the ocean counterpart of the Elephant and mammoth. It upgrades from the Hippo, Orca, or Sabertooth Tiger at 500k XP and it upgrades to the Dragon, Kraken, or Yeti at 1m XP. Some great tactics to adopt when you’re Blue Whale. Below, we discuss this animal.

Appearance Of Blue Whale

The Blue Whale is different from a good number of animals in this game in that its shape isn’t circular. Its body is rounded, its face protrudes at the front side, and an enormous tail juts out the backside. Colored exclusively in blue, it has fins and tails that have a darker shade, with its sides having minute highlights. On top of its black-colored round eyes is a black-colored blowhole that gusts out water or additional loot while diving.

mopeio blue whale

Mopeio Blue Whales Strategy And Tactics

The ability of the Blue Whale is made use for knocking predators and tail-biters off, like Donkey. It is also of use for dazzling your prey. Nevertheless, it needs grand precision and accurateness, since you require swiveling about and aiming for the prey of yours. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Hippo.

On a predator being low on health, utilize your ability for slapping them using your tail for getting their health even lower and stunning them, and if feasible, for killing them. The ability of a whale can reach Turtles, Crabs, Dragons, and Black Dragons seated on islands.

For leveling up fast, move to the map’s edge and lie in wait for animals till you’re tail-bitten by animals before slapping it using your tail and making a fast turn and eating it ahead of it reviving from the tail-slap. Krakens feature greater tails and happen to be more prone to tail-bites in If you were successful in biting a Kraken’s tail, they usually stimulate their whirlpool ability or they pursue you. On being tail-bitten, slap the prey of yours before proceeding to eat it.

Joining forces with additional Blue Whale or elephant is beneficial, given that pods of blue whales are capable of killing a Kraken or a Dragon easily using their abilities. On you being alone and a big fight ensuing, dive and lie in wait until some large level animal has low health and revolve your backside against them and slay them. On you being accurate you are capable of killing it and evolving. While on low health, avoid feeing instantly. Utilize your ability against any predator for stunning them and making them slow down before feeling.

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