Hippo Guide Info hippo Hippo is amongst the animals of It stands at the 4th from the final animal that you have the option of advancing is weaker than just the Yeti, Dragon, Blue Whale, Elephant, Mammoth, Elephant, and Kraken. Hippos have the ability to move at a very fast pace in lakes, oceans, as well as mud spots. Another ability of it is to grunt that can stun any animals.

The Hippo can consume berries, Small Mushrooms, Large Mushrooms, Mushroom Bushes, Lilypads, Smaller sized animals, Bananas, Plankton, and Coconuts.

Playing As Hippo

The finest tactic with Hippo is to hang about in lakes and gradually increase experience given that almost nothing else is capable of killing you with a dragon being excessively slow in water. Avoid wandering into the deep, as a Kraken might eat you. As long as you’re Mopeio Hippo you’re also not going to have any problem eating crocodiles, bears/rhinos since they hunt in the lake now and again and you’re the speediest animal of the lake. You have the capacity of catching up to them and eating them easily. hippo

One more good side to being a Hippo happens to be that you also have the option of speeding across mud pits while you run after prey. Be cautious to be slow on standard land and potent in lakes/ Mud. A different policy is to conceal in a water opening in close proximity to a mud lake. Leap out and run after the prey right on them entering the mud lake. Be cautious of krakens on being in the deep as they have the capacity of ending your poor hippo’s existence! If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Blue Whale.

Playing Against Mopeio Hippo

The finest strategy to adopt against the Hippo is to keep off lakes on hippos being spotted, expect for you being a dragon/shark. Dragons must still exercise caution within lakes as hippos can nibble your tails before scurrying away awfully rapidly. Hippo will have no problems in eating you or biting your tails within lakes and thus you require being acquainted with your environment and your foes. On being an additional high predator within a lake and seeing a hippo, jump and run off as speedily as possible. On seeing a hippo with low health make an attempt at biting its tail for killing it!

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