Classic Game Mode classic classic is the old and original version of the IO game of If you started playing the game just the other day, then it’s obvious you have no idea how to go about playing classic. Even though the difference between the current versions of this IO games and the original one is not that big, you might find it challenging to play the classic version if you have never tried it. There are several new versions of the game.

Playing Classic

The major goal of playing classic is exactly the same as of the current version of the game – eat and evolve. You start the new game as a tiny animal – a shrimp – and you have the opportunity to eat and evolve till you become the most developed animal in the game.

You have to eat for you to evolve into a new, bigger animal. It’s important to know what you can eat. Everything that is surrounded by a green line is edible. At the beginning, you will start feeding on mushrooms and berries. As you continue, you get a chance to eat other animals as well. classic

You also need to be aware of the animals marked with red because they are able to eat you. In case you are not sure of winning, you should escape to avoid being eaten.

The moment you evolve in playing classic, you will see a hint describing the abilities of the new animal. For instance, the fox is able to hide in the berry trees, and pig can move in mug and so on. You will learn the abilities of every animal, and this will help you develop a good strategy for every animal. If you notice that you have slowed in some places, you should try to avoid such areas in the future because when you move slower, the animals that move faster in those locations can attack and kill you easily.

Be sure to check the water levels because if you run out of water, you will begin to lose HP and you might dehydrate to death. Water is available in blur dots. Dead players are also sources of water for omnivores and carnivores.

Mopeio Classic Controls

In the old Playing game 2021, the animal follows the mouse, and you click to boost.

Try Playing classic today and find out whether you can survive and evolve to the most developed animal on the ecosystem.

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