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The Donkey is the 7th land animal that has been upgraded in the game. The Donkey is equivalent to the zebra and the Muskox in land. The donkey has no passive abilities but has a maximum XP of 7.9 K. You can find more information about this animal below.

The Appearance And Strategy Of Donkey

The body color of the Donkey is a gray brown color. It has two large, beady black eyes – like every animal on – and has a roughly triangular muzzle. The Donkey also has a pair of large ears, which are the same color as the tip of its muzzle – that is to say, it’s a light brown. Unlike most animals, who have a simple tail, the Donkey’s sticks straight out and back and is tufted with a cloud of black fur. Donkey has a great strategy of kicking back animals. If any predators come too close, the donkey can kick the predator hard. Kick it and eat it if beaten. Skilled players that want some quick XP can quick a predator after biting the tail. The Donkey is one of the main animals for trolling because it has wonderful kick ability. You can also kick the predator to bounce into its prey. donkey

Another way in which you can troll is by using Donkey to stay close by to two dragons that are fighting with each other. When one is extremely close to dying, move a bit closer, turn around, and use your kick on the dragons. Your kick will kill the dragon that was low on HP, providing you with a quick pathway to Dragon. You can also wait by the lava biome and if anyone tries to attack you kick them into the lava. You can also Kick Octopi, Kraken, and so onward out of the water.

The Technical Specifications Of Mopeio Donkey

When Donkey uses its Kick, it gets slowed down for an 8-second interval. If you get kicked by a Donkey it will say BAM! You got kicked by a donkey! Donkey upgrades into the Cheetah, Stingray, and Wolf. It upgrades from the Fox, Jellyfish, and Arctic Fox at 4.2K XP. It can eat all animals below it to the rabbit and their ocean equivalents. Donkey can eat berries, mushrooms, mushroom bushes, plankton, lily pads, red mushrooms, blackberry, pear, seaweed, kelp, starfish, and all animals below it except Mouse, Shrimp, and Chipmunk. It can be eaten by all bigger animals. It can hide in all large hiding holes, plankton bushes, and berry bushes. The Donkey has a special ability where it kicks other animals with its rear legs, hurting and stunning them. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Swordfish.

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