Cheetah Guide cheetah Cheetah is the 8th animal in the game and is equivalent to the stingray and the Wolf. The cheetah runs faster than all other land animals and Upgrades from the Zebra, Turtle, Muskox, or Donkey at 7.9k experience.

The Appearance Of Cheetah Cheetah is one of the fiercest beasts who have pale golden color with around 20 darker spots on its back. Unlike the real life, the cheetah actually grows in the game to be like the lion. Cheetahs are like deer and are really fast on land. The speed boost can easily be used to escape from all other predators in the land. It is important to ensure that the cheetah should not curve on something like a hill because that would lessen the speed and the pursuer can attack you again. cheetah

If you have a straight path to run, you should always take that path or you can also jump into your hiding hole to escape from your predators. Your increased speed also gives you an advantage in hunting and chasing prey; make sure to use your speed boost when they are running in a straight line. Also, ensure that your tail is well guarded as a longer tail will be easily spotted by the enemies. Pears, bananas, and mushroom bushes can be eaten to level up. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Shark.

The Technical Specifications Of Mopeio Cheetah Cheetah has a maximum XP of 15 K after which it can upgrade to the lion, snow leopard, gorilla, and the Pufferfish. It can hide behind large bushes as well as deep hiding holes. Cheetah can eat pigs, foxes, deer, moles, zebras, Pears, bananas, and mushroom bushes as well as water drops, sea snail, and kelp to survive and gain strength. You can get a free boost for the cheetah by pressing the W button.

The extra boost reloads in every 8 seconds and Cheetah can be eaten by all other higher animals. It is one of the most important animals in the game. Previously, it could not eat Berries or Lily pads. It is the only land animal with a speed boost of 10% when not sprinting. There were a lot more cheetahs in the ocean before teleportation. Cheetah was previously after the lion. The cheetah is one of the four animals that have color variations of the same skin that was shared by the snow leopard as well.

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