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The jellyfish is an animal, which is quite popular in seas and oceans. Similarly, the Jellyfish is an animal, which is quite active within water bodies. The animal is not unique and is similar to other animals within the game. There are numerous technical details about jellyfish. Jellyfish As A Good Animal For Underwater

The Jellyfish is an animal, which is considered to be a level VI animal or the sixth animal and has similar abilities and characteristics like that of a fox. Thus, a fox and the jellyfish cannot eat each other but can feed on a number of smaller animals. In order to get upgraded into a jellyfish, the player needs a minimum of 2100 XP. After the player achieves 4200 XP, the player can get transformed into a zebra, a turtle, or a donkey. Depending upon the level of the player, and the size of other animals, the jellyfish can easily be prey to other bigger animals within the arena. jellyfish

Abilities Of Jellyfish

One of the special abilities of the jellyfish in the game of is that, it has the ability to sting other opponents or animals within the arena. Though that will not cause very high damage to the player, and thus, it is not advisable to use it all the time, unless it is required. The best part about jellyfish is that, it can grow very large. After some time, you can easily feed on other small animals, which can help the player to reach the top of the leaderboards. But there are some problems with the jellyfish in the game of, which should be kept in mind.

The Problems And The Strategy

The moving speed of Jellyfish is very small, and cannot chase other animals quite fast. If the player is efficient in playing the game of on land, jellyfish is not the animal for that player. The jellyfish can move comparatively faster if it is swimming underwater. One of the best strategies to play with the jellyfish is that you should try to feed on other animals and plants, but if you’re chased by the opponents, the tentacles can be used to sting, which can cause little damage. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Giraffe.

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