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If you’re playing the game of for a long period of time, you must know there are numerous animals. You will be happy to know the introduction of Hedgehog at Christmas. The animal has special powers. Such powers is not found in other animals of the game.

The Introduction Of Hedgehog Hedgehog is an animal, which is introduced in Christmas, and it has the same capabilities if it is compared to that of a fox, or other similar animals. Though it is introduced at Christmas, you can play with the animal for unlimited time, provided you have the minimum XP to get evolved into a Hedgehog. The animal has a special ability to throw poisons at other players, through the quills, which is available at the back of the animal. The ability is quite similar to that of pufferfish, which is available within the game. hedgehog

The Poisonous Guills Of Hedgehog

As far as the appearance of the animal is concerned, it is quite similar to that of the Hedgehog, and a similar color with black eyes and nose. The quills are very poisonous, which means it can be thrown to any opponent, which comes close to the animal. In order to throw quills, the player will have to press a certain key combination, or can also do it with the left click, provided that there is a player nearby. One thing, which should be remembered at the time of using the quills is that, there is a certain time interval between firing two poisonous quills.

The Comfort Zone Of Mopeio Hedgehog Hedgehog is an animal, which is most comfortable on the land. The animal can move very fast, which can be considered as one of its advantages, and comparatively slower, if it starts traveling within the water. While traveling within the water, the life of the animal will also decrease, and there is a certain time, after which the player will die. There will be a small progress bar, which will decrease, showing you the amount of time you can spend underwater. If you’re looking for food items underwater, the best strategy is to come on the land for a certain time, to fulfill the progress bar, and again dive into the water. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Cobra.

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