Pig Guide Info pig Pig is the 3rd animal in this game. It is on a par with Crab & Penguin. The pig happens to be the foremost animal to consume mushrooms & seaweed.  A player gets turned into a pig after he/she had leveled up as the rabbit, arctic Hare, trout. It gets leveled up to the Mole, Seal, and Sea Horse at 450 EXP.

Mopeio Pig is capable of eating rabbits, mice, berries, and mushrooms. The pig has augmented speed in lakes & mud. It is able to be consumed by the Lion, Zebra, Fox, Deer, Cheetah, Mole & their equivalents. The Pig is capable of hiding inside hiding holes, gigantic hiding holes as well as a whirlpool.

Playing As And Against Pig

It is suggested to stick about Berry bushes/ lakes/mud lakes and try and hunt down mice or simply consume mushrooms. Pig happens to move speedier when in mud compared to any different animal (except for the Hippos). Pigs are able to make use of this advantage for catching up for preying faster or making a speedy escape. Hiding inside holes in close proximity to mud lakes is going to let you leap out and catch the animals when they are not watching. You must try and keep away from any players except for them being a mouse/ rabbit. You must be on the lookout for holes. The reason is that mice, as well as rabbits. are capable of biting your tail. pig

If you would like to consume a Pig, avoid chasing them into ant mud spot for the reason that pigs happen to move speedier in the mud. As the Mouse/Rabbit, you must mostly keep away from any pigs. However, on being necessary, you have the option of biting their tail in a sneak assault. However, you must exercise caution, since Pig is capable of turning about and eating you. Being the Fox, a player must stay hidden in berry bushes before lunging out at them. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Crab.

More Facts On Mopeio Pig

A pig in the game of consumes Berries, lesser sized animals that include Rabbit, Mice, & their equivalent, Black Berry, Carrot, Seaweed, and Mushrooms. Next, we talk about the appearance of this animal.  It has a pink color and features a snout, a minute tail, 2 ears, and eyes.

Lastly, we talk about the history of the Pig. This animal was introduced in the game on the 4th of October.  On the 29th of October, a New Skin was incorporated for this animal. On the 4th of November, the XP required for consuming mushrooms was made lesser.

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