Lion Guide Info lion Lion is considered to be the king of the jungle, due to its size and diet. Keeping that in mind, you can easily find it in the game of The lion is one of the most powerful animals, and you can easily dominate the arena with it. Lion is the only animal in the game of, which everyone wants to get, not only just because of the name but also because of the power, which is available in the game. The minimum XP, which is required to get the Lion is 28500, which is quite huge, and thus you should play the game and survive in the arena for a large amount of time. The gorilla and the lion require the same amount of XP to get evolved into. lion

The Good Sides Of Lion

If you want to upgrade into Lion, you should at first become a cheetah or a stingray, which also requires a minimum XP 15,000. The best part of the lion is that you can easily hide in a number of big holes, and berry bushes. It can eat all the small animals compared to its size, except the conch. But the conch will not create any kind of disturbances in the game if you’re playing with a lion. This animal is usually weak on the water. Therefore, this animal may not be a strong choice if you use it in the river. If you want to have strength and safety on the water, it makes more sense to choose from the animals living in the water. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Giant Spider.

Other Details

The problem with Lion is that it can be eaten by all the bigger animals, which contradicts the information people know about lions, in the real world. Though there are only a few animals, which are bigger than the lion, and thus you can play the game with the lion, without facing any kind of troubles.

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