How To Understand Animal Tree? animal tree is one of the most exciting survival games where you are a little mouse who has to travel all across the map and climb up on the food chain in order to grow in size, gain XP points, and win the game without being eaten by bigger animals. In this topic, you are going to find a description of animal tree.

What Is Animal Tree?

Animals are the playable characters in the game. All the animals form the structure of a tree and the smallest animal is the tiny mouse that slowly grows in shape and size by eating fruits, wild berries, and water. Dying as anything other than a mouse will help you gain experience mouse as well as experience in the game. Animals need to drink water at regular intervals so that they do not become dehydrated. The final and ultimate animal of animal tree is the black dragon that evolves from a dragon and it is really hard to defeat. If animals are dehydrated they explode and form meat that can be eaten by another player to gain strength. animal tree

The Different Kind Of Animals

There are various kinds of animals in the game. all tiers 2020 starts with the tiny mouse that is followed by the rabbit, pig, mole, deer, fox, zebra, donkey, cheetah, lion, gorilla, bear, crocodile, rhinoceros, hippo, elephant, dragon, and ultimately the Black Dragon which is the final destination in animal tree. Apart from that, ocean animals comprise the shrimp, trout, crab, sea horse, squid, jellyfish, turtle, sting ray, pufferfish, swordfish, octopus, shark, killer whale, blue whale, and Kraken.

The Arctic animals are the
• Chipmunk
• Arctic Hare
• Penguin
• Seal
• Arctic Fox
• Reindeer
• Muskox
• Wolf
• Snow leopard
• Walrus
• Polar Bear
• Wolverine
• Saber-toothed Tiger
• Mammoth
• The Yeti!

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