The Yeti! Guide the yeti! The Yeti!, which had formerly been The Abominable Snowman, happens to be the fifteenth as well as very last arctic animal in the game of It happens to be equivalent to “Dragon” and “Kraken.” In the section below we discuss how its looks and the strategy that you should adopt while you are this animal.

The color of The Yeti! is rock blue and its mouth is darker. Its mustache is a white oval and its hair is large, spiky, and white. The Yeti! Strategy

When you are The Yeti!  You must attempt and get yourself into an incredibly crowded region (make certain that the ocean is free of krakens), and attempt and freeze as numerous animals as possible. You can moreover attempt the “police” approach where you locate a lake before “claiming” it, subsequently let ample food grow and consume it all, presenting you with ample XP with no worries. Anytime you catch a glimpse of mammoths or sabertooth tigers, chase them, freeze the sabertooth tigers off hills, and avoid “snowballs” of “mammoths.” Freeze causes much harm to dragons, which makes Yeti ideal for dragon hunting. the yeti!

For killing dragons easily get at the back of it before freezing it followed by biting its tail and fleeing and while the dragon comes at you avoid their fireballs till your freeze capacity is recharged and freeze it once more before biting its tail and fleeing. Go over this till the dragon has been killed!

When you battle The Kraken, make a turn for facing The Kraken when it makes use of the whirlpool ability such that it is unable to bite your tail. Subsequently, freeze it and leap under it for biting its tail. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Mammoth.

On getting an encounter with “Black Dragon” you must freeze it and after that, you must be prompt on your feet. Go and conceal in a hiding crack and on needing to get water make use of your capacity to freeze “Black Dragon.” It will depart sometime due to getting frozen at intervals of 15 secs, and as it’s going to be exhausted of lava in a matter of 10 minutes.

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