Polar Bear Guide polar bear Polar Bear is the tenth Arctic animal in the game and is also equivalent to the Crocodile and the Octopus. The Polar Bear upgrades from the bear, Swordfish, or the Walrus to the Rhino, Shark, and Wolverine.

About Polar Bear

Mopeio Polar Bear can hide in large hiding bushes as well as holes and berry bushes. It has the claw ability that can damage and stun all other animals. The polar bear can climb hills and can eat all kinds of food and lower animals up to the mole. It can be easily eaten by the Rhino, Shark, Wolverine, Hippo, Killer Whale, mammoth Dragon, Yeti, and Kraken. The Polar Bears are known to be amazing swimmers and they can climb hills very well. Polar Bear looks like a bear but is one tier higher. It was added on December 26, 2016 along with all the other arctic animals except for Wolverine and Mammoth. polar bear

The Appearance Of Mopeio Polar Bears Polar Bear has a circular body with a tail, two ears, two eyes, and a black nose and it looks like a bear. The Polar bear maybe might have been re-skinned from a Bear to a Polar bear. You can easily your climbing abilities as a Polar Bear when you are attacked by other animals. Many of the arctic animals have a climbing ability however animals like the Wolverine and crocodile do not have the same, thus stealing bites and running for the hills can be one of the best strategies to level up quickly.

Beware of the steal bites from the dragon as they can breathe fire on you. Eat blackberries and arctic nuts when a predator attacks you in order to gain strength. When you have enough experience point, you can level up ad change your animal from Polar Bear to another easily. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Snow Leopard.

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