Shark Guide shark Shark is the 12th ocean animal in the game and is equivalent to the rhino and the Wolverine. It evolves from the crocodile, Octopus, and Polar Bear into the Hippo, Killer Whale, or Mammoth. Many players want to use this animal against other players.

All About Shark Shark has a very long breath time which is slightly longer than the hippo. Its water supply drains completely in eight seconds when out of a lake or an ocean. It moves slowly on land, too. It has a jaw bite ability which is similar to the T Rex’s ability which also drops meat when used on enemies. It can also sprint. If you reach 180K and get the ability to sprint and a text appears saying Whoa and you become a dangerous shark. This is the point when you can swim faster and catch your prey all the more easily. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Cheetah. shark

Appearance Of Mopeio Shark

Sharks are large, bluish-gray animals, featuring two side fins and a dorsal fin on top, as well as an extended snout with small white teeth. They also have a thin, vertical oval for a tail. As a shark, you have the capability of jaw bite like T Rex and also hide in a plankton bush, whirlpools, and large hiding holes or also dive under them. If prey comes to you make sure that you catch it.

Make sure they won’t dive, until you stopped grabbing, they can bleed somehow, cannot dive or sprint. So you can easily hunt your prey if you are a shark. Shark can eat anything between the deer and the crocodile. They are fast in the water and slow on land as well. Their special abilities comprise of speed boost jaw bite and they can run fast as well.

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