Play Game 2023 game 2022 game is a survival or foraging game. game 2023 has been set in a colorful 2D environment. All players in this game are animals. You start playing this game as a mouse, and your objective is to move up the food chain by eating berries in order to gain XP. Your sole purpose in the game is to survive and evolve, and to survive; you progress up the food chain and, while doing so, avoid predators. This game challenges you to transform a mouse into a dragon.

How To Play Game 2023

You begin playing this game at the bottom of the food chain as a mouse. To evolve into a different creature, you need to eat berries and gain XP. In the game, all friendly objects or players are indicated with a light green border that outlines the object. The objects with a red border show a dangerous player. So, as a newbie in the game, make sure you avoid all dangerous players. Although the way to progress up a food chain is by eating berries, keeping your water meter topped up is also essential.

To top up your water meter, you are required to consume the blue blobs that spawn around water spots. Consumption of water is slow when you move around, but water consumption is more aggressively depleted when you sprint. There are 117 playable animals, and the rarest among them is the Pakistani Macaw, the most powerful being the King Dragon and the Black Dragon. game 2023 Game 2023 Animals

There are 4 different animal categories which are Ocean animals, Desert animals, Land animals, and Arctic animals. animals are listed below. Ocean animals are Shrimp, Trout, Crab, Sea-horse, Pufferfish, Swordfish, Octopus, Shark, Turtle, King Crab, Jellyfish, Stingray, The Kraken, Killer Whale, Blue Whale, Squid, and Sea Monster. Desert animals are Desert Rat, Desert Chipmunk, Hyena, Vulture, Komodo Dragon, Spider, Bison, Blackwidow, Pterodactyl, Meerkat, Armadillo, Gazelle, Fennec Fox, Warthog, Camel, Rattlesnake, Gobi Bear, and Giant Scorpion. Land animals are Mouse, Rabbit, Mole, Pig, Deer, Black Dragon, Gorilla, Tiger, Fox, Giraffe, Cheetah, Bear, Crocodile, Lion, Hedgehog, Zebra, Donkey, Cobra, Boa Constrictor, Elephant, T-Rex, Giant Spider, Dragon, Land Monster, Dino Monster, Rhino, Hippo, and King Dragon. Arctic animals are Chipmunk, Arctic Fox, Wolverine, Sabertooth Tiger, The Yeti, Muskox, Mammoth, Walrus, Snowy Owl, Arctic Hare, Penguin, Seal, Reindeer, Snow Leopard, Wolf, Polar Bear, Ice Monster, and The Snowman.


The movements of players are controlled through the movement of the mouse. It is important to remember that your movement can be slowed or obstructed by objects that are bigger than your character. In the game 2023, you cannot eat mushrooms or move through the mushrooms when you spawn for the first time. So, the best thing is to go around the mushrooms. You can sprint in this game. To sprint, press, or hold the space bar but be aware that sprinting consumes more water.

Wrap Up: game is a multiplayer game. In this game, you eat, evolve, and survive. For survival, you eat berries and other animals. Feeding helps you evolve. You begin as a mouse and transform into a king dragon at the end by consuming all you can and eating your enemies. In the game, you need to eat food and drink water in order to stay alive. So, eat, survive and evolve.

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