What Does Mope.io Wiki Tell You?

mope.io wiki

Mope.io Wiki is the official database for information on Mope.io and tells you many important things about the game.

Mope.io is an interesting game that can be played on browsers online. It is regarded as the new form of the popular game Agar.io and needs you to role-play as a mouse and consume various other creatures, mushrooms, and berries to grow bigger in size. Water should also be consumed for survival. Mope.io Wiki is the official database for information about Mope.io.

What Does Mope.io Wiki Tell You?

It informs that there is a proper food chain that you have to follow. There are rats and other smaller creatures that you should try to gobble up. However, you should take care at all times that you are not devoured by larger animals. Creatures having lime-green outlines happen to be the animals you can prey on. Those having red outlines are the ones that can prey on you.

It also makes it clear that there is a special ability in every animal.

  • Dragons are able to fly.
  • Penguins may slip on the ice.
  • Lions roar in the game.
  • Pigs slide on mud.

mope.io wiki

You have to check out the Staff page to get a list of each staff member that can be found on Mope.io Wiki. This page can offer you information about:

  • General guidelines that every player has to abide by
  • A complete list of the ranks of all the staffs
  • How you should apply for the position of a staff

You should look at it to resolve your queries.

Comments and Feedbacks

An online multiplayer game, Mope.io depends on eating animals and evolving in size. You have to consume water and various foods in order to grow in size and move up the levels. You can begin as a small mouse and move up the levels to turn into a rabbit first, then a larger animal such as a fox, and finally into a powerful dragon. The Mope.io Wiki 2018 is a great resource where you can also come across the comments and feedbacks of other people playing this game.

Interesting Mope.io Hacks and Tactics

Mope.io Wiki also reveals many of the interesting hacks and tactics about the game that can be used to increase the chances of winning. You can use these strategies mentioned in the Wiki page to become bigger in size as quickly as possible and become a larger animal that can be tough to prey on. You can also get information on how to use various hidden features.

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