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Reindeer is a special animal, which is found in areas, which have a lot of ice. You can even find Reindeer, after playing or going to certain levels. It can be upgraded from a number of other animals at the time of playing. In addition, the animal is quite efficient in all kinds of arenas.

The Abilities of Reindeer

In the game of, Reindeer is an animal, which is quite similar to that of other land-based animals, like deer. If you have been playing the game with a mole or seahorse, you can easily get upgraded into a reindeer, after reaching a minimum of 2100 XP. You can play with a reindeer up to a maximum of 4200 XP, after which you have to get upgraded into a fox or a jellyfish. The animal can be considered as one of the most mediocre animals. This animal can perform equally well in all kinds of arenas, with no special powers in each of them. reindeer

Special Abilities of Reindeer

As far as the seal is concerned, in the game of, it has a very high speed on the ice, but in the case of reindeer, the speed is quite average, and you can find the same speed of reindeer on land. But when the speed of animals is in question, it is faster than other animals, which means it will be difficult to feed on reindeer. Speed is one of the biggest weapons of the animal, but you should have a proper strategy while playing with the animal, such that you can easily keep yourself safe from a number of other experienced players in the arena.

Other Abilities of Reindeer

In many cases, you can find a number of food items, which are hidden underground, or under ice, and the Reindeer has special abilities to take them and eat them up. You can do that by pressing the W button on your keyboard. If you do not find any kind of food items underground, you can always feed on a number of other food items, which are available above the ground. If you want to play the game of underwater, playing the game with reindeer is not recommended, as it is not an animal for underwater gameplay. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Arctic Hare.

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