Alpha Game Online alpha game alpha game is a version of the game that features alpha animals. The presence of the alpha animal is what makes the alpha game different from the traditional game.

As at now, the most powerful dragon in the game is the alpha dragon, which is also known as the Godness Dragon. To kill the alpha dragon, you will only have to run and run very fast. In other words, there is no way you are going to kill the alpha dragon. Just run when you see it coming.

Abilities Of The Alpha Dragon alpha game features an alpha dragon. The animal has special abilities that make it an alpha among other animals in the arena.

  • Special abilities

The alpha dragon is a Godness Fire Meteor. This is what gives it its special abilities. alpha dragon has passive abilities in addition to special abilities. It has the ability to fly over everything including ocean, land, and all animals and other enemies. The alpha dragon is also immune to lava. So, any volcanic emission cannot kill, or destruct it from its activities. It is also immune to fire. This means that fire cannot burn it, nor destruct it in any way. The tier of the alpha dragon is twenty one, and its biome is heaven. alpha game

What can eat it?

The alpha dragon can only be eaten by wither storm and nothing else. While no other animal or disaster can eat an alpha dragon except wither storm, the dragon can eat just everything else below. It is actually equivalent to Omega Dragon and therefore can also eat the Dinosaurs in free game.

Knowing what alpha dragon can eat and what can eat is very important because such information will help you perform better in the game.

Next Animals & Previous Animals in Alpha Game

Contrary to what many gamers believe, the alpha dragon is not actually the highest or most powerful animal. Actually, there are more developed, powerful animals above alpha dragon. The next animals after dragon alpha include Asoran, Wither Storm, and The Fallen.

Before the alpha dragon, there are also other great animals. They include Chinese Dragon Godzilla King Kong.

Upgrade to the Godness Dragon or Alpha Dragon today and enjoy the alpha game even more. They are very dangerous to you.

Many more animals will be added to the alpha version because the game’s makers are trying everything to improve the game. They want to make the game more fun for players by increasing the diversity and continuity of the game. Thus, the game will be a nice option for all game lovers.

If you have not yet started playing game, then you should start right now. Everyone is playing. Why not join in the fun?

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