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Turtle or tortoise is one of the animals, which you can find in Turtle is a pretty powerful animal, and getting evolved into a turtle can be helpful. It is a water animal, and has similarities with some other land animals. You should surely try out a turtle.

The Importance Of Playing Turtle

Mopeio Turtle is not available to the player at the very beginning of the game, and the user can get access to a turtle after playing certain levels, and gaining a particular amount of XP. At present, the user can get access to a turtle after gaining 4200 XP. In the game, the turtle is quite similar to other land based animals, which include zebra, donkey, and many others. Playing with Mopeio Turtle can be a good idea if you are quite proficient in playing the game of underwater. It can feed on a number of animals, but can also be a portion of food to different other bigger animals, which should be kept in mind. turtle

The Evolution Details Of Mopeio Turtle

Though a player of Mopeio can get access to a turtle after reaching 4200 XP, but it will eventually evolve into other animals like cheetah or wolf after reaching 7900 XP, which is quite large. Turtle can hide itself in a number of small holes and whirlpools apart from getting into plankton bushes. The turtle in the game of has the ability to feed on other smaller animals, which include chipmunks, shrimps, and a number of other plants, which may be bigger or smaller than the animal. One thing, which should be taken care of is, a smaller turtle can easily be eaten by a turtle bigger than it.

The Speed Of Turtle

As far as the speed of Turtle is concerned, the speed of the animal is 10% less than that of a crab, even in the case of swimming underwater. The animal being comfortable underwater, it is advisable to play with the animal in any waterbody, which is available in the game. The animal also has the ability to climb on a number of places, having high altitude, which includes hills and rocks, in the game. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Zebra.

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