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Animals play an important role in the animal chain. The game technically depends on their different group of animals. In these groups, there is a different kind of animals are available the Land animals, Ocean animals, Arctic animals, Bird animals, Arctic animals, and Desert animals. Therefore, you have to create the best list of animals per your choice. First of all, you have to choose the map and then need to decide animal type. For example, when you are going to Ocean, you have to take the water spot animals. Animal Chain

As you can watch out for, the understanding of animal chain is not an easy task but, you can work on it efficiently. Therefore, you have to consider all the facts about animals and land animals. as can choose hippos, Dragons. If you want to go to the oceans then you can choose the Arctic animals. The known Arctic animals also lose the water and more quickly in the Arctic. Arctic animals are the same as land animals. So, you can choose the Arctic animal which looks the same like Land animals and the Arctic animals have more immune. Now, you can choose the best Arctic animals which are ice Monster, The Wolverine, Sabretooth tiger. Therefore, you have to choose different animals as per the requirement of the map and you can choose the Desert animals also. But, you have to create a list wisely and if you are choosing the wrong animals then they are not able to play in that place animal chain

What Different Animals You Can See?

Are you thinking about animal chain? Now, you don’t need to be worried and you can select the best chain of animals. As you can watch out for, there are more than 112 animals available in the game. Now, you can make the food chain of these animals and it can help you to work on the kill and damages of it. Therefore, you can choose to look at different animals as per the use of abilities. If you learn all evolutions, you can perform your character upgrade more deliberately.

The List Of Animal Chain

When you are working on the animal chain? After that, you can see some animals have special abilities which you can use to escape The Predator. It can help you to get rid out of the Predator attacks after that, you can collect the food in the game easily. Each animal has different skills, XP and it can indicate the progress of that animal. The animals are listed below in terms of level and XP.

Level XP Land Bird Ocean Arctic Desert
1 5 Mouse Shrimp Chipmunk Kangaroo Rat
2 50 Rabbit Pigeon Trout Arctic Hare Desert Chipmunk
3 200 Mole Penguin Crab Penguin Meerkat
4 450 Pig Woodpecker Sea-horse Seal Armadillo
5 1K Deer Flamingo Squid Reindeer Gazelle
6 2.1K Fox Peacock Jellyfish Arctic Fox Fennec Fox
7 4.2K Zebra Macaw Turtle Muskox Camel
8 7.9K Cheetah Snowy Owl Stingray Wolf Warthog
9 15K Cobra Toucan Pufferfish Snow Leopard Hyena
10 28.5K Bear Pelican Swordfish Walrus Gobi Bear/
11 54K Croc/Lion Falcon Octopus Polar Bear Vulture
12 105K Rhino Eagle Shark Wolverine Bison
13 250K Hippo/Boa Constrictor Ostrich Killer Whale Sabertooth Tiger Komodo Dragon
14 500K Elephant/Giant Spider Cassowary Blue Whale Mammoth Blackwidow Spider
15 1M Dragon/T-Rex Phoenix The Kraken/King Crab The Yeti! Pterodactyl
16 5M Land Monster Sea Monster Ice Monster Giant Scorpion
17 10M Black Dragon

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