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The Arctic hare is an animal, which is found in cold glaciers. But Arctic Hare is an animal, which you can find in the game. The animal has a similar appearance to that of a rabbit or a hare, found in everyday life. It is an animal, which belongs to the second level. A lot of players love playing with Arctic Hare in Arctic places, so we will talk about the details of this animal below.

The Details About Arctic Hare

The Arctic hare or Arctic Hare is an animal, which you can get after you get evolved from a chipmunk, or even a mouse, depending upon your choice. You need a minimum of 50 XP to get evolved into the animal, and you can get evolved into other animals like penguins, crabs, or pigs after you reach 200 XP. The Arctic hare also has the ability to eat berries, plankton bushes, which are easily available within the arena, and also a number of other small animals, including chipmunks, shrimps, or even mice. Apart from that, if you are playing as a big Arctic hare, you can easily feed on your small counterparts. Arctic Hare

The Abilities of Arctic Hare

As far as the animal is concerned, it is very small, and even at 200 XP, it is not at all very big. Keeping that in mind, you always have the ability to hide in small and big holes by pressing the W button, but for a limited time. At the time of hiding under small holes, your life will decrease, and once it reaches zero, your game will be over, and you will again have to respawn within the game as a chipmunk, mouse, or even an Arctic hare. It all depends upon you. You should always keep yourself safe from other bigger animals, who can easily eat Arctic hare.

Appearance and Strategy

As far as the appearance of Arctic Hare is concerned, it is equally cute, like other animals, which you find in the arena. In the game, the color of the animal is light grey, with a small tail, which is quite common in the case of rabbits. If you are fond of playing the game on the land instead of playing it on the water, Arctic Hare can be the best animal for you, due to its speed and various abilities to be hidden from predators. These abilities make Arctic Hare is unique in the game. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Reindeer. As you gain experience points, you can improve your character.

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