Battle Royale Game battle royale battle royale is a game that we control an animal and evolve by raising the level of the animal. Evolving is the change of the animal. The animals of battle royale are divided into 3 groups which are land, ocean, and arctic animals. Battle Royale Game

In battle royale, players play with up to 200 people at the same time. If you know how to play in normal game, you should develop your character and turn it into a stronger animal with the same method. You should try to grow by eating the food that you can eat in the game. In addition, you can try to eat the weaker players than you. You should avoid or hide more powerful players than you. battle royale

The game map and features of battle royale are the same but the map of the game is getting smaller with time. The shrinkage of this map is experienced as a wave and shrinking. Green lines show you the places to shrink in the other wave. The red arrows show you the center point to protect you from the waves. After the game area gets smaller, the red arrow zone can change and the changing direction shows you the new center of the game.

There is also a zombie game mode in Mopeio battle royale. Zombies are infectious, and if they catch you, they will infect you. Once you get infected, you become a zombie. If you get infected, you can be treated by a healing stone or your character will be a zombie. Healing stone has a crystal structure and its color is pink. The healing stone is usually very small. Zombies are stronger than normal players according to their heal power. When you get a zombie infection, the red light flashes on your character.

How to Play Mopeio Royale

There is one controller in battle royale that is your mouse. If you want to change your direction, you should direct your character with your mouse movement. Left mouse click increases your character speed. Right mouse click gives water to another player. Also, the game is available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store to download and to play. These applications are free totally and you can play the game without lag on your mobile phone. In, some players discover new features by learning console commands.

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