Boa Constrictor Guide boa constrictor Boa Constrictor upgrades from the Cobra, wolverine, Shark, and Rhino at 250 K XP. It upgrades to the Blue Whale, mammoth and Giant Spider. This is a new animal that has been introduced to the game. A lot of players have been trying different animals to understand which animal is the best for them.

About Boa Constrictor

Press W to suffocate your prey and then drag them like the Crocodile by which you can cause some damage to your opponents. This ability works well on predators but it is interrupted when you are hurt by them. You can target on ocean animals due to their constant need for water. You can level up as Boa Constrictor by staying near the sea shore and wait for an Orca to arrive and then land on it. Boa constrictor is extremely slow when it comes to swimming and the animals would also be aware of you as well. So hunt carefully. Giant spiders can trap you in their web, and eat you. You can kill predators with your ability but the ability deactivates if you are damaged so only try if predators have really low health. boa constrictor

Appearance of Mopeio Boa Constrictors Boa Constrictor in the game appears as a light-brownish coiled-up snake that is always ready to attack. It has a forked tongue sticking out of its mouth, has small nostrils, and has a threatening, yet furious glare due to ovals by its eyes. It also has a straight line going above and between its eyes. Its tail is extra-long, so beware of biters. A small Easter-egg shows that the details on the constrictor’s body are actually River Currents. The graphics change while constricting. It will spring ahead and coil itself around the victim to capture the prey. This is a land animal that can also swim in the water. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Rhino.

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