Deer Guide deer Deer is the sixth animal in the game and the land equivalent of Squid and the reindeer. The deer is faster than normal on land and can eat all lower animals. It has a special ability to dig up things from the hole.

The Appearance Of Deer Deer is a circular animal, with two large black eyes and a brown body. Its ears are large and a lighter shade compared to the rest of its body, while its antlers are lighter still, being a noticeable tan color. There are spots on the deer as well as plain colored deer. The deer is known to move faster on land but is known to drain water much more quickly. If you are a Deer and being chased by a predator, then you can use your speed boost to run away. Try and avoid the predators, hills as well as other objects that you would not be able to pass through, however, curving around the obstacle can give your predator an opportunity to attack you. deer

If you have a straight path that you can follow to escape from your predator, you should be fine and able to lose your predator or jump into a hiding hole for safety. You need to select your hiding hole carefully. If your predator camps you in the hiding hole then you would not have any waterholes nearby and you would actually die out of thirst. Try and avoid foxes as they can pull you out from the hole while trying to hide. Hide in safe places.

The Technical Specifications Of Mopeio Deer Deer upgrades from the mole, sea horse, or the seal at 2.1 k XP. It has a maximum p of 2.1k, at which point it will upgrade to the Fox, Jellyfish, or Arctic Fox. The deer can hide in everything and it can dig up food by pressing W. The deer can eat all lower animals, mushrooms, lily pads, blackberries, and seaweeds.

Water drains much more quickly from Deer, especially when sprinting. So it is better to stay and find mushrooms and lily pads at lakes but beware of animals that are fast in lakes, like Gorillas, Rhinos, Crocs, and Hippos. The deer is one of the fastest animals in the game however they are harmless and can sprint really fast. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Squid.

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