Mammoth Guide mammoth Mammoth happens to be the 14th arctic animal of the game and it is equivalent to Blue Whale or Elephant. It upgrades from the Killer Whale, Sabertooth Tiger, Hippo at 500k XP and it gets upgraded to the Yeti or  Kraken at 1m XP. It can consume the whole lot from the Hippo to the fox, their arctic or ocean counterparts and all forms of food.

Foreword to Mammoth

It has the capacity of rolling a Snowball at intervals of 8 seconds. It is capable of moving usually on Ice, is capable of passing or hiding within water spots. In addition, it is unable to pass or hide on top of trees and hills.

The Mammoth has a circular form having diminutive, dark ears, and has an orange-brown color. It has a lengthy yet slender tail. Its trunk is stripped and its tusks have a cream color and point in an outward direction on both its sides.

Mopeio Mammoth Strategy

The Mammoth is capable of running usually on ice different from “Snow Leopard” and additional animals without a unique ability to adapt to the Arctic Biome. Make use of this to your advantage for eating prey that typically resides in land, and bring the Snowball ability into play for freezing the prey whenever you’re close to them or on top of Ice, also. mammoth

Consume Sabertooth Tigers for gaining XP without problems. Mammoth is amongst the speediest animals of the arctic. With the 21st of January increasing its swimming pace and also bringing a stack of snowballs within the arctic there’s no need to worry about the food supply problem any longer and you have the option of earning XP freely.

Look out for the predators that have a greater size than you that include Kraken, Dragon, and The Yeti. Dragons may well breathe fire and possibly will also hurt much in On a dragon chasing you, you require ensuring that you can bring the Snowball ability into play for making the slowdown. This is going to give you a bit of time for fleeing from them before they recuperate from the Snowball once more. On a fireball approaching you, make an attempt to duck it.

As with Dragon, the tail is your key weakness since everybody beneath you will be frantic to bite the tail of yours. Thus continue moving carefully, failing which someone will steal your XP. Mammoth Snowballs are good at taking much health off the Kraken, Dragon and Yeti, provided that you are ready to take risks. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try The Yeti!.

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