Wolverine Guide wolverine Wolverine is the 12th arctic animal in the game and is equivalent to the Shark and the Rhino. It evolves from the Polar Bear, Croc, or the Octopus into Hippo, Saber Tooth Tiger, or the Killer Whale.

All About Wolverine Wolverine in the game can eat all kinds of food and can hide in plankton bushes, large hiding holes, berry bushes, and whirlpools. It can eat all lower animals up to deer and equivalents. Other than the ability to slide and turn on ice easier, it can use its ability called Growl, which stuns and knocks back animals. Wolverine looks like a brown circle with 2 ears, teeth that resemble the shark but bigger, and an eclipse tail. Wolverine can be eaten by the Hippo, Killer Whale, Mammoth, Dragon, Yeti, and Kraken. wolverine

What You Need To Do For Mopeio Wolverine

Your growl ability can be used to slow down prey or escape predators. If you are hunting, make sure that you use your growl against your prey. Make sure you are close enough so that you do not miss out on your prey. While escaping a predator, growl if the predator is in range. If the predator is stunned, then you can escape for a few seconds. You can stay well in ice because the ability knocks it back as ice is really slippery. Wolverine is one of the very few Arctic animals that has been added after the December update along with mammoth and Sabertooth tiger. It is in the same tier along with the shark Press W to let out a powerful growl. The growl ability can be used to slow down the prey it also escapes predators. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Octopus.

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