Octopus Guide octopus Octopus is the 11th ocean animal in and is equivalent to the crocodile and the polar bear. It upgrades from the bear, the swordfish, and the Walrus to the Shark, Rhino, and the Wolverine. Also, there are a lot of different animals in the game.

About Octopus – The King Of The Ocean Octopus can hide in whirlpools and large hiding holes. It can eat all kinds of food and animals below it. Octopus is immune to ink and has the ability to disguise itself into the following items like the small hill, snail, plankton, whirlpool, starfish, Kelp, Sea weed. Any animal that touches the starfish will be disguised as well. This disguise is really very useful for catching its prey and its ink immunity makes it very useful against Squids. The ink helps predators to slow down if they bite you. octopus

The Appearance Of Mopeio Octopus Octopus is rounded (having most of its body parts circular) and orange in color. Similar to Squids and Krakens, an octopus’s tail is located on its head, albeit rounded and not pointed. It has four pairs of tentacles appearing on each side appearing as small circles. There are a few designs around its tail that are apparent mimicking an octopus’s texture in reality. Due to their ability octopuses can change their appearance, from seaweeds and kelps, to snails and whirlpools which can be used for both tricking prey and escaping predators.

Make sure to be as stationary as well while you are Mopeio Octopus as seaweeds and kelps do not move on their own. Octopuses in the Snail Disguise, however, are larger than normal, and both predators and prey can be suspicious and are not easily deceived. Also, ensure that you move really slowly like the snail if you have disguised as the snail. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Wolverine.

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