Zebra Guide Info zebra Zebra is the 7th animal in and is equivalent to the Donkey, turtle, and the Muskox in land. It upgrades from the fox, jellyfish, arctic fox and upgrades to the cheetah, wolf, or stingray. Animals is one of the best online multiplayer games where there are a number of animals that you as a mouse would have to evolve to. Eat berries and water to hydrate yourself and gain more number of XP points and evolve into higher creatures to go to the top of the food chain. You would win the game if you can evolve into the largest animals by eating all other smaller animals in the game.

The Appearance Of Zebra

The Zebra has a white body with 3 black stripes on its back; it also has a thin but rather long tail, a black long nose, and a mane on its neck. The zebra has a very powerful and strong ability and can evolve really easily if you want to try a higher tier like a Black Dragon. Make sure that you are the first one to eat the dragon. zebra

You can eat pears, mushrooms, mushroom bushes, or Lily Pads if you want to play safe. It is one of the very few animals to have its upgrade positions changed from the bear to the cheetah. Zebra can now eat the red mushroom bushes. Zebras also eat lions. The zebra, along with the Mole, was added in the October 26th update.

The Technical Specifications Of Zebra Zebra upgrades from the fox, jellyfish, and arctic fox at 4.2 K XP and upgrades to the Cheetah, Wolf, or the Sting Ray. It can hide in all large holes and behind berry bushes as well. Can eat all animals below it to Rabbit, and is the first animal to be able to eat mushroom bushes. It can be eaten by all animals above it. Zebra can kick sideways and it has great power as well. Its special abilities include digging up old food, and the back kick that has newly been introduced. They also love eating Plankton, Berries, mushroom, bushes, Seaweed, Blackberry, Starfish, Kelp, Pear, and all below animals except for Mouse and similar substances. The zebra is one of the most important animals in the game who can now dig the food by pressing W. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try Turtle.

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