Browsing: Animals Animals shark Shark Shark is the 12th ocean animal in the game and is equivalent to the rhino and the Wolverine. It evolves from the crocodile, Octopus, and Polar Bear Animals cheetah Cheetah Cheetah is the 8th animal in the game and is equivalent to the stingray and the Wolf. The cheetah runs faster than all other land animals and Animals deer Deer Deer is the sixth animal in the game and the land equivalent of Squid and the reindeer. The deer is faster than normal on land and can Animals donkey Donkey

The Donkey is the 7th land animal that has been upgraded in the game. The Donkey is equivalent to the zebra and the Muskox in land. The Animals pig Pig Pig is the 3rd animal in this game. It is on a par with Crab & Penguin. The pig happens to be the foremost animal to consume mushrooms & Animals crab Crab

Among the many multiplayer games, which is quite popular among the users or players, is the game. The game is all about animals, and Crab is one Animals squid Squid

If you want to experience the power of various animals, is a best game for you. Squid is one of the best animals, which has some strange Animals bear Bear

There are many animals, which appear in the game of, and the bear is one of them. Bear has its own capabilities, similar to the other animals, Animals polar bear Polar Bear Polar Bear is the tenth Arctic animal in the game and is also equivalent to the Crocodile and the Octopus. The Polar Bear upgrades from the bear,