All Rare Animals all rare animals all rare animals are those animals that players may spawn when playing the game. Unlike the usual animals that come with the game such as snakes, rare animals are not the usual animals that gamers always know of and love.

As a player, you have just a 10 percent chance of spawning rare all rare animals.

List of All Rare Animals

There are so many rare animals. If you are just starting playing this popular online multiplayer game, you might want to know the kinds of rare animals you should expect when playing. Without much ado, let us list the rare animals that you will have a chance of spawning when playing the game. Check all rare animals and best animal out now!

Bullet Ant: This animal was discovered in’s data. It looks like a black ant. It will be included in the game later.

Macaw: When you have 4200 experience points, you can become this flying animal.

Pigeon: You can use this flying animal when you have 50 experience points. It is a very entry class animal and you can move on to the next level when you have 200 experience points.

Pufferfish: You can use this animal when you have 15000 experience points. It is a very strong animal and is more powerful in the water.

Tiger: You can get this animal when you have 28,500 experience pounds. It is an animal that is quite agile in land and water.

Toucan: With 15000 experience points, you can access the Toucan animal. all rare animals

Mouse: Rat, cannot hide in the available small hiding holes. When it is bitten, the rat gives weak poison for five seconds. There is always a purple dot that shows up under any poisoned animal. The poison takes away half of your health each second.

Pig: Boar, except for the tier, all stats like a rhino.

Rabbit: Easter bunny, has food drop ability but has no capability of borrowing holes. It drops Easter egg, and 3 hits can eat 20-200 XP.

Gorilla: Orang Utan, more powerful food throw and slower water drain, but Less speed in the water.

Donkey: Horse with a less powerful kick, but moves faster.

Lion: Lioness, less powerful roar, but faster as compared to regular animals in the game.

Dragon: Hydra, has a larger bite area and shoots 3 fireballs at ago, but shorter dive time.

Crocodile: Alligator, has gorilla speed when moving on land, but is as fast as ocean animal when it is in water.

Rhino: Indian Rhino, longer charges, and better charge control, but has less powerful stun.

Hippo: Pygmy Hippo, is able to hide in available small hiding holes, he has a less large groan range.

Bear: Panda, gets 2XP from the vega foods, and is as slow as a gorilla when moving on land.

Cheetah: Leopard, simply a cheetah that lacks dash ability, but has a weak roar.

Fox: Raccoon, doesn’t bark but has burrow ability.

Deer: Antelope, moves faster compared to regular animals in the game, and has dash ability.

Zebra: Unicorn, just like muskox, but in the land biome.

Mole: Naked mole-rat, faster dig recharge but slower on land.

It’s good to know about the all rare animals and their abilities so that you can know what to do and how to react to them when you spew them.

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