World Of Black Dragon arctic Black Dragon drinks lava instead of water! Black dragons only heal on healing stones or lava! Black Dragon is the final animal in Mopeio – nothing is equivalent to it. Know more about Mopeio Black Dragon which is the ultimate animal in the game.

How Does Black Dragon Look Like? Black Dragon is known to transform itself from a Dragon, a Kraken, or a Yeti. The dragon is known to reach its maximum size when it unlocks the triple fireball at 20 XP points. Your dragon will however transform itself to a normal dragon if it reaches 9.9M XP or less by a tail bite by some other surrounding creatures. Dragons can fly over anything and they are immune to ink. It drinks lava and is immune to lava and does not get damaged as well. Dragons are known to breathe fireballs as well. It is immune to the river current. The dragon is however vulnerable to its own fire. black dragon

Appearance Black Dragon looks a much bigger, black version of the Dragon. Instead of the dragon wings, it has bat-like orange wings. On its backside, there are three double-pointed spikes. It is the only animal whose eyes and nostrils are in ovals shaped and it has a devil’s tail.


Once you obtain Black Dragon, try killing normal Dragons or Elephants for XP. You should only stay near the lava biome, as you survive by drinking lava. Use the big healing stone for greater healing. As you have lots of XP, you should be wary of tail-biters. If anyone approaches your tail, turn around and attack them, and pursue them at all costs. In addition, if other Black Dragons exist, they will attack you. If this occurs, you fight to the death.

Memorize that 15 and 16 tiers can bite each other’s tails. So you have an attractive chance of making it, but beware of their fire. Try to dodge the flames and use your own fire. Try to team up with Dragons to protect you. DO NOT let them tail bite unless you have at least 15M XP, or you risk downgrading into a normal dragon. If you want to play with a different character instead of this character, you can try King Crab.

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